Residential Painting

We provide full-service, professional interior and exterior painting to Connecticut homeowners. 

Interior Painting

Our company paints all types of projects — interior and exterior residential, commercial, public, and industrial buildings. We are dedicated to providing our clients with prompt, professional, quality work. For over 10 years, we have provided friendly service at affordable rates. Our hope at Camilo Painting Services LLC is that you will feel confident in our ability to meet all your expectations and know that you are always our number one focus.
Attention To Detail - The Interior Painting Process
Our painting crews are trained to provide you with the highest quality craftsmanship and end results.  To begin, our painters remove peeling or loose paint residue by sanding and scraping. The scraping will be done either by power tools or by hand
sanding to ensure a smooth surface. The painters will then caulk any hairline cracks or stationary seams and patch up damaged areas – anything that is uneven and will affect the look of the final product will immediately be evened out. If there are any raw or exposed wooden parts, they will be primed.

The next step is to protect the rest of the room. The floors, lighting fixtures and other areas not to be painted will be masked-off and protected from any paint drops. If there is any furniture  within the room - we will cover it to avoid any damage.

If your walls are covered in wallpaper; then the wallpaper will be removed and scraped off. Following this will be any treatments such as anti-mildew or dry rot repairs should the walls require it.

The  room's corners are brushed by hand to ensure a quality finish and minor carpentry work can be done to complete the look. 

Exterior Painting

Our highly trained and qualified painters always do their best to satisfy all our customer's needs. Our company's goal is to more than satisfy the customer by upholding our standards of excellence. We emphasize excellent preparation and high quality materials applied with time-tested techniques. We try our best to accommodate any special need for each of our customers.
Attention To Detail - The Exterior Painting Process
The exterior painting process isn't too different from the interior painting process. To begin, the surface to be painted will be pressure washed to remove any surface dirt and build-up.

Then trenching around the house foundation will be carried out, followed by any treatments required such as anti-mildew treatment, dry rot repairs, or stucco repair. Previous layers of paint which are peeling or require scraping will be removed and sanded off. Hairline cracks and stationary seams will be filled in and caulked. Any cracked or uneven areas which are damaged will be fixed and any raw or exposed wooden areas can be primed at this point.

Just before the painting process begins, all areas that won't be paid will be masked off and all hardscapes/landscape will be covered and protected.  Rest assured that we will pay as much detail to your exterior as we do to your interior. 

Our crews can also stain new wood, carry out waterproofing as well as fix window glazing and redo any putty should it need doing so to give a perfect final finish. Our crews are only supplied with the highest quality materials and trained to the highest standards. 

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What People Are Saying

"I will always highly recommend Camilo and his team!"

"Camilo company had done some work for a friend and came highly recommended I decided to change all the colors in my home and well I am not good at picking these things out. He made all the right choices for me and he and his crew did a great job. They were done in an efficient amount of time and went beyond the call of duty by putting back all my paintings and furniture I will always highly recommend camilo and his team. Thank you!"

Bryan from Wesport, CT

"Beautiful work and clean... no mess!"

Called CAMILO to give me an estimate on painting the interior of a rental property of mine in August. He promptly arrived with a fair price. I needed the work done ASAP and he delivered. Beautiful work and mess. He's a true gentleman and will do business with him again. I highly recommend him!!

Bob DeRosa from North Connecticut

"We would recommend Camilo and his team to anyone!"

Camilo and his team did GREAT work on our house. Originally we were looking for a painter, but we ended up using Camilo to renovate our entire house - full kitchen and bathroom remodel, new playroom, floors, and lots more. And the painting was great!! We would recommend Camilo and his team to anyone!!

Zack J. Darien

"He delivered on his commitment!"

Camilo and his crew painted my 2,700 sq. foot townhouse in early Oct. 2013. Excellent work! Very thorough consultation related to details and preferences of the house, as well as provided good recommendations when needed. We had a very tight timeline and he delivered on his commitment. I recommended them to a friend this morning!

Jeff R. from New Cannan, CT